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“Dr, Dang, I am so thankful for your expertise. You were always very gracious and very patient while explaining each procedure. You always took the time to answer questions and help me understand what I was
committing myself to. I am so grateful for the work that you have done. I must say, the best teeth in my mouth are the two you place; the implant and the crown next to it.”

  • Anonymous

“Priscilla, you are a wonderful asset to Dr Dang’s staff. Please know that I am grateful for all of your assistance during this past year; your professionalism, your knowledge, your patience, kindness and understanding demeanor. All of the aforementioned helped to alleviate the stress of each dental procedure. Keep up the good work!”

  • Joann

“Woohoo! Finally, I've found a dentist that I'd like to stick with for long term. The dental hygienist there really knows her stuff! She was extremely careful, thorough, and knowledgeable. I spent the majority of the time with her during my cleaning.”

“Dr. Dang is awesome! I feel more comfortable with him than with my past dentists - he told me what I needed to know, and I always got a straight answer when I asked something. He's also younger so he's easy to talk to. My whole family started going to Dr. Dang, and we're all very happy with him!”

  • Anna

“A professional who keeps up with their industry using update technology and methods, constantly learning their craft to provide patients the best care! That's Dr. V Dang!! Educated at one of the top dental schools, not only is he great at his trade but he's an amazing person who has tremendous care! Qualities you want in a dentist. Nobody likes going to the dentist. If that's you, give Dr. Dang and his staff a try; you will not be disappointed!”

  • Linda

“Dr. Dang was extremely helpful in terms of providing visuals throughout my entire implant. He was also very amiable, passionate, and loving. Let me just put it this way: The first day I was in his office, I was able to treat him as a new friend, rather than someone who will drill my teeth. Never have I been able to be informal to a doctor, but seeing how Dr. Dang expressed himself, I quickly adjusted to myself. However, please understand the difference between informal and impolite. No where during my visit was he or I was impolite with each other, but I'm just saying this because someone might be confused.”

  • Quang
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